Mission of TKA

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The Mission of The King’s Academy

The mission of The King’s Academy is to produce academic, social and physical excellence through a program where minds and hearts are coming fully alive in Christ.

Minds and Hearts coming fully alive in Christ

The King’s Academy promotes each student’s spiritual, academic, social, moral and physical development through a college preparatory program grounded in Biblical values and teaching.

The King’s Academy was founded upon five core values:  obedience to God, prayer, discipleship, service to others (mission), and working to meet each child where they are.  These values continue to represent who we are.  It is also our goal to inspire and equip each student spiritually as they grow to understand and apply Biblical truths within their own lives, and as they establish and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This effort to inspire and equip each student takes many focused and intentional efforts that are incorporated into our school DNA.  Some of them are listed here.

  • Each day, we begin with prayer and a focus on God’s word.
  • Through weekly scripture memorization efforts, our teachers plant the Word of God in our students’ hearts.
  • Teachers look to integrate biblical principles, concept and values into their lessons to reinforce that God’s Truth is evident in His entire creation no matter the discipline or subject.
  • Organized Team Outreach Ministries for middle and high school students are provided monthly to demonstrate our love for our neighbors.
  • One week each year is dedicated to Missions.  Middle and high school students may choose to minister locally, nationally or internationally.

Trinity Presbyterian Church

The King’s Academy is a ministry of Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  TEPC serves as the spiritual overseer and covering for the school.  The King’s Academy highly values this spiritual covering.

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