Optional Avenues to Graduation:

  • General Academic Diploma
  • Certificate of Graduation

For students participating in the Discovery Program for educational therapy, the option is available to select a graduation track which best meets the student's learning needs.   In addition to the regular College Preparatory Diploma offered by TKA, there is also the opportunity for either a General Diploma or a Certificate of Graduation.

1. General Diploma (SCISA Approved)

  • English 4 units
  • Math 3 units
  • Science 3 units
  • Social Science 3 units
  • Electives  5 units (Discovery - one per year)
  • Bible 4 units
  • Computer 1 unit
  • PE/Health 1 unit
  • Study Hall

*Two units of the same foreign language may be substituted for two of the following three units: 

  • 1 unit of Science
  • 1 unit of Math
  • 1 unit of Social Science

2. Certificate of Graduation

Students who require a different academic program (i.e., remedial math or English), Certificate of Graduation restructuring of yearly requirements (i.e., one year of courses completed in two years, or repetition of a course, not due to failure but to solidifying foundational concepts) must meet basic requirements agreed upon by TKA administration, Discovery Program Director, and parents. If a student is unable to meet the requirements for a General Diploma, a Certificate of Graduation (indicating that s/he has completed four years of academic study) may be awarded.

4. Exceptional SC*

*Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children (ECENC)

Scholarship Funding Organization (SFO)

(Budget Proviso 1.85)