Discovery Stories

Student Stories

Discovery is hard, painful, powerful, enlightening, and most of all worth it.  Although it may take time, energy, and tears you will succeed.  The results are worth it.  There were many things that I did not understand at first but as time went by my understanding grew.  Starting as a trickle, then it grew into a current of accomplishments, and knowledge propelling me into a world that I am better prepared for.  A word to those who are reading this, those who ask if Discovery is really worth it, I would tell you with all my heart, YES!

Christopher, Grade 8, Age 14

I was told by many people that Discovery would help me in many ways.  For some reason I knew I would hate it.  I wanted nothing to do with it at first, but after I met with my therapist for the first time, my mindset completely changed.  I mean, I wasn’t a big fan of the homework at first, or even now, but I did know it provided a place of help and a place to talk to talk to someone at any time.  I’ve been in Discovery since 7th grade and I feel completely at ease around my therapist and all the Discovery teachers.   They’re very sweet and loving women, and I know I can always go to them for help.  After all, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to overcome my reading disability.  Although, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about Discovery at first, it paid off in the long run and I definitely made special relationships that I hope will last a lifetime.

Sam, Grade 10, Age 16

Going to New Places

A book can take you anywhere.  Just like a book can carry you to many new places Discovery has also taken me to a new place in my reading.  A year ago I dreaded reading and avoided it as much as possible, but now I enjoy reading!  In my free time reading is one of the things I choose to do.  A few years ago I would have never thought I would say that.  What I most appreciate about Discovery is that it has allowed me to go to many “new places.”

Ann Claire, Grade 7, Age 13

Discovery has helped me train my brain to become more attentive.  The “Listen My Children” activity, in my opinion, is the best focusing activity.  Discovery has also helped me a lot with math.  I have learned to do problems in my head.  I don’t always like Discovery but I know it helps me.

Daniel, Grade 8, Age 14

Being in Discovery

The Discovery program does more than teaching kids how to read, write, and spell. It gives you the confidence to be yourself and to make you feel that you’re not alone with the problems you have. I used to get so embarrassed when I would have to read in front of people.   The first time I went to Discovery I didn’t want my therapist to know I had Dyslexia.   But what I found when I stepped in her office was someone who finally understood me.  After 4 years I can finally do grade level work by myself.  My reading has improved drastically. It has been a journey but I know it has been worth it in the end.

Olivia, Grade 7, Age 13


Parent's Stories


 Our daughter had the privilege of being in the Discovery Program at The King’s Academy during the 2014-2015 school year.  This program is amazing!  Our daughter’s educational therapist met her right where she was, but did not let her stay there for long. As every session transpired, we could see her being stretched and challenged at precisely the right time for growth to occur.  We were thrilled as her stamina, work habits, organizational skills, and general academic performance rose to new heights.  We give thanks to God for the opportunity He allowed our family to be blessed by this program and its wonderful therapists.

Charles and Leslie Sandifer




As a semi- retired homeschool mom of three sons (for over twenty years) I want to thank you for the positive impact Rhythmic Writing has made for my rising TKA ninth grader.  My older sons had poor handwriting even though we worked relentlessly using three different handwriting curriculums.  Finally, when they reached high school we decided to just focus on improving their typing skills and speed.  After all, it is the digital age, right?  However, as my sons entered their post college years they verbalized regrets at not having better handwriting abilities.  With our youngest, Stephen, I went for special training in Handwriting Without Tears but didn't see vast improvement until he enrolled in the TKA Discovery program. This fall he enters his third year of Educational Therapy and we are proud to acknowledge that Stephen has the best handwriting in our family!  Thank you, Discovery and his educational therapist.

Deb Colones